MAX COVER is a polyether modified trisilioxane, a non-ionic surfactant with “T” structure. MAX COVER owns super spreading ability. It can make water surface tension less than 21.0mN/m with low rate at 0.1% (wt).

Why using MAX COVER?

When spray with agrochemicals, it can decrease the contact angle, and increase the contact area between droplets and targets. Besides, MAX COVER can make the pesticide absorbed through the stomatal way, which speeds up the absorption of sprayed solution by targets and improves efficacy greatly.
Overall, MAX COVER can help you save pesticides or other active ingredients cost, water cost, labor cost. And finally save money for you.

How to use MAX COVER?

MAX COVER can be used wherever you need to increase spray coverage. It can be compatible to many products like herbicides, insecticides, fungicides, PGRs, fertilizers and nutrients. Only take care of the PH value to be 5-8 to get best application experience.

General dosage 5g/20L spray volume. Can regulate the dosage by test to achieve best results.


Take a look and enjoy!

MAX COVER–More coverage and less drop loss during foliar spray with MAX COVER. Your cost saved in spraying.