The cessation of production is coming again

Due to environmental protection requirements, two sets of polyester plants with a supply of 380,000 tons from a Xiamen factory were temporarily shut down, involving products such as polyester filament, polyester staple fiber and chips. The restart time is yet to be determined. Due to environmental protection factors, the polyester bottle flake device with anContinue reading “The cessation of production is coming again”

China to boost energy supply to ensure people’s basic living needs, stable economic performance

China will take further steps to ensure electricity and coal supply this winter and next spring, to ensure people’s basic living needs and keep economic performance stable, the State Council’s Executive Meeting chaired by Premier Li Keqiang decided on October 8. With surging prices of energy products on international markets since the start of theContinue reading “China to boost energy supply to ensure people’s basic living needs, stable economic performance”

COVID-19 will not stop your work if you work with us

Becasue of COVID-19, many countries have taken isolation policies to avoid spreading of the virus. Thus many customers could not come to China visit Factories/ Suppliers/ Exhibitions, and always have late-knowing on important information. Don’t worry, we are here to help you complete the work.