Group buy-Metaldehyde

Anyone want to buy Metaldehyde? Metaldehyde is an organic compound with the formula (CH3CHO)4. It is commonly used as a pesticide against slugs, snails, and other gastropods. 5% GR , 6% GR are available. We are collecting orders together to negotiate a good price. Speficy your demands as below, if any interest.

Group-Buy project

We are now developing a new project ‘Group-Buy‘ to service our overseas customers. We aim to gather small quantities together to be one big order and help customers manage the process before shipping. For now only common pesticides like Glyphosate, Diquat, Paraquat, Glufosinate, Atrazine, Terbuthylazine, Acetochlor, S-Metolachlor, Clethodim, Mesotrione, Nicosulfuron, Imidacloprid, Acetamiprid, Thiamethoxam, Fipronil, Abamectin,Continue reading “Group-Buy project”